Mission, Vision and Honour Code

To graduate Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineers who; make themselves accepted among others due to their successful work in any national or international organizations, follows the recent developments in technology, take responsibility for the engineering implementations, are mindful to environment and society, are respectful to professional ethics, are creative, possess leadership skills, pioneer the development of the nation and broaden their technological scope with their fundamental and applied research, disseminate their work to contribute to science and society.

Being the focus of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering technology and science as a modern and leader faculty on a national and international scale.

Honour Code
Throughout my attendance in this university I pledge on my honor,

  • ​To be in a collegial relationship based on mutual respect and sensitivity with the fellow students, faculty, teaching assistants and staff,
  • Not to discriminate between people for any reason and be respectful to the freedom of expression for all,
  • To avoid from all actions such as plagiarism, fraud and deceiving which is inconsistent with the student conduct,
  • To follow the rules of ethics in academic activities.